Are you truly seeking a holistic, self empowered direction to heal your life in a natural way?

I know only too well the desire to want things to be different.

The desire to leave the prescribed injections and or medications behind so that I can “live normal” again.

It took me eight years to really start shifting my mindset and my lifestyle to support my health outside of the typical medical way of taking control of my MS.

If this is the road you are thinking of pursuing or you have already made a start yet feel the need for more support, know that I am here to help.

As a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, I draw on my own life experience
I’ve followed Overcoming MS since Nov 2015 & more recently Medical Medium – Anthony William books and social posts as my guide

I also utilise Energy Healing via Usui Reiki Level 2. I find the Reiki Energy and Guidance most helpful to balance out the body and bring peace, calm and clarity to the mind, body and spirit.

My Guides often gift us with guidance during a session with them that we can choose to utilise in our strategy moving forward on the Lifestyle Wellness pathway.


I aim to keep it simple and easy for anyone to make a shift into wellness and healing. Step by step, week to week, month to month. As long as required.

Having been a student of Personal and Self Development since 2013, I see the way we look at things and our daily actions and mindset critical for our success in truly shifting into a healing space and Lifestyle Wellness.

Utilising the knowledge of lifestyle changes, the power of foods and herbs to heal, and the inclusion of exercise, mindfulness and Reiki Energy Healing that is authentic for you as an individual to enjoy and thrive with.

It all starts with an obligation free 1:1 consultation via Zoom.us

Robyn has a big heart and natural ability to inspire others with their lifestyle and health. She walks her talk and is an inspiration to many people. I’m so grateful for her friendship and guidance in my own healing journey.
Helga Dalla

Entrepreneur, Photojournalist and philanthropist, Advancing Health Naturally

Inspired Robyn does just that, she inspires! Thank you for your help Robyn!
Honnie Lonsdale

MS Mum and Admin Extraordinaire of muMS in Australia (support for mothers with Multiple Sclerosis) FB Group