#42 Blessings and Thanks

Abundant Universe

Drawing this card shows that blessings are available to you now – and you are offered a full harvest.

The question is, Do you feel worthy to claim it?

Universal Harvest is available to all. And yet, so often in a world of suffering and sense of lack, it is easy to be fearful and there isn’t enough.

This is not what was intended – the earth has bounty for all to share freely. But that reality is blocked by fear, and we feel the need to hoard and save and worry over where the next meal is coming from; how to pay the next bill. Often we may have grown up seeing debt and poverty as a way of life.

What if you were told you will always have enough, but that you need to trust that this is so? What feelings does that bring up in you to heal? Maybe there is a story of lack within your own family – lack of money, lack of food, lack of security or safety. And you dread those states of being – and even when you DO have enough, you still worry it will be taken away.

This card now highlights the need to heal that part of you that fears now being support and looked after. Your spiritual army of helpers will not see you go hungry or alone if you truly ask for their help.

For the truth is that the earth is alive and able to evolve and sustain all who live upon her as long as Gaia is respected, and energy and intention are poured back into her soil and her elements – and this is something that all can do every day.

The simplest way to give back to earth is to GIVE THANKS, to be full of gratitude for all that you have. For the food on your plate, the money in your pocket, the sounds and rhythms of your beautiful world that wants to bestow many blessings on to you – if you are open to receive.

The Cornucopia, or horn of plenty, illustrated here symbolises all the abundance available to you, everything that you need for your well-being – fresh food, golden coins, light rays, and the sounds of the universe filling your soul with songs and joy.

The warmth of the colours also reminds you to be thankful for the heat of an open fire, a warm bed, a loving home.

The wish of the angels is to bring you all this and more. Saying thank you for what you already have is a courtesy that brings more to your door – a never ending supply of help, sustenance, and whatever you need to thrive in this life, and it is offered here for you now. Open up to receive

Channelled words by Amanda Ellis from @angeliccelestialcolours on Instagram

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Inspired Robyn’s Thoughts on Archangel Metatron’s March 2022 Guidance

Many of us have been going through working with our shadow side these past few months, even years. There has been SO much going on collectively and on an individual level. The mere fact of life altering weather events in recent weeks for those of us in South East Queensland and North East NSW of Australia has FORCED many of us to let go. Not entirely by choice.

I know for myself my healing room has had water seeping in under the floor and dripping out of the roof causing worry and disruption. Despite all the hard work cleaning the house inside and out from mould last year, again this weather event has highlighted the old furniture and the high maintenance furniture in my home that this climate invites mould spores to. Which is not at all helpful for my health and MS. Mould is a known source of sustenance for Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) which we are all learning is a trigger virus for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Suffice to say, this weather event is nudging me to step up to another level with my own sense of lack when it comes to letting go of the old and trusting that the money to replace what can no longer support my health will be part of the abundance of my personal universe. Just as all the people who have experienced even worse hardship through this weather event will, on an even steeper level!

The way forward is to show gratitude and thanks for what was. Show gratitude and thanks for what will be. GIVE THANKS for what IS.

I know, having witnessed from a distance my Uncle and his family re-build after the 2019/20 bushfires. He lost everything but the clothes on his back, his car, loved ones and beloved pets. Family members pooled together to find him a caravan to live while he rebuilt. Now he has a new home, furniture and it is all an upgrade from what it was. Life now looks quite abundant for him from where I see it.

If we think like suffering and lack is hard, and yes, at the time it can be devastating and filled with grief. Underneath the muddiness can come so many unseen blessings. I sense this is what Archangel Metatron wants us all to realise this March 2022. As well as a respect for Mother Gaia who brings us this weather to remind us that she deserves this respect and care.

March 2022 as it stands is filled with heightened anxiety, intense stress on world nervous systems, we are at a breaking point not just from the weather. World events and conflicts are keeping us all on alert and for good reason. Most of the world sits questioning the narrative of the past two plus years on top of what is going on with Russia and the Ukraine. None of this can be ignored.

Thing is, we all need to be holding onto our light. Working on our intuitive knowing and self-connection. Finding our ways to remain in touch with truth and this card reminding us to count our blessings, give thanks and trust in an abundant universe that is good and sustains us it is where we as individuals are guided to focus this March 2022.

I for sure I will be taking action from my side to notice my blessings and clean up the parts of my shadow that relate to these feelings of suffering, lack and fearful traits that I carry. I will do the work with my circle of healers, my guides and myself. At the end of the day the only one responsible for my healing and life is me.

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