#50 Signs

From Spirit With Love

Look around you for the signs from above. They are everywhere if you just stop to notice and acknowledge them today.

The angel feathers that appear at just the right time in unexpected places, the words of a song that resonate with what you prayed about last night… Signs are everywhere and come in many shapes and forms.

So often you expect the big gesture, the booming voice in your ear, the crystal-clear image in your third eye, or the answer landing at your feet. But angel signs are often softer. Archangel Metatron embodies many ways to make his presence known to you, and you are encouraged to open up to them at this time – to the clairsentient feeling of his presence, the warmth or heat that overcomes you, the colours that you increasingly notice in new ways, the tingles in your body, or the voice of Metatron speaking to you, maybe via a friend, associate, or loved one.

Nature, too, holds many signs. Maybe you have seen a robin who comes to visit, reminding you of a loved one who has passed. Be aware also of power animals and the creatures that appear time and time again to bring your attention to a quality they embody. Metatron often speaks through animal symbolism as well as flowers and many other signs.

Numbers are also important signs. Maybe you have been seeing recurring ones – 11:11, 22:22, 3:03, 4:44, 5:55. Numbers that keep appearing trigger us to realise this is more than mere coincidence – this is a sign from our subconscious waking us up, letting us know we are not alone, that a loving force watches over us.

You are drawing this card today because you have asked for a sign, and here it is – a sign that angelic light is with you, that your prayers and requests have been heard and are being worked on, and that all is well.

You are assured that every time you talk to Metatron, he listens. There will be times when you hear him clearly and times when you feel more absent. But he is always there. Remember, too, that sometimes angels have to step back if there is something we have to do alone, a lesson to be learned, or a test overcome. But you are never abandoned – his is always with you.

Think today about signs you have already received, and ask Metatron for a special sign between the two of you that will make you know he is there. This is likely to be personal to you.

Persevere, tune in, communicate, and listen – signs are all around. Open up all your senses to experience them.

Channelled words by Amanda Ellis from @angeliccelestialcolours on Instagram

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Inspired Robyn’s Thoughts on Archangel Metatron’s July 2022 Guidance

I’ve been connected to seeing signs for a long while. In particular seeing animals, be it in the physical realm as well as seeing them in visions when working with my Angelic Healing Team during healing sessions.


Animal Messaging Source : Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder


Praying Mantis says to practice patience in reaction more so than in action. They show us what it takes to practice being truly present, carrying deep wisdom in mind, body and soul. They are masters of camouflage and show us how they can match the environment around them for defence, or to determine the same vibrational force in others.

Praying Mantis has accurate judgement when it comes to walking and jumping. Reminding us of the gifts of surrender, patience and determination, the praying mantis asks us to let go of control, worry, and disappointment and instead to have patience and trust; not only in our actions, but also in our reactions. It is one thing to practice the art of waiting, surrender, and inner peace; but it isn’t until we are really tested that our true colours are seen and our actual knowledge can be applied.

Lot’s of these guys hang around my home and healing studio. The praying mantis in the picture was on my front door the week I stressed about my new massage table not arriving on time. I’ve even had teeny, tiny baby praying mantis on my desk in my healing studio when facilitating a remote healing! Yes, the tiny praying mantis hopped onto my arm!! 

Kookaburra wants us to see the light side of dark as this allows for balance and harmony within. The kookaburra’slaughing’ call reminds us to stop taking ourselves too seriously and to look on the bright side of life. They also encourage us to use laughter as a form of healing and letting go of pain and trauma.

Laughter can bring us back into harmony with ourselves, and places importance on seeking joy and community to get us through. If we are feeling particularly heavy or lonely, we can listen for the kookaburra’s natural brand of ‘medicine’ – humour – to guide us through.

If you’ve had a healing with me either in-person or via distance, or watched the card readings I have made on Instagram, sometimes the Kookaburra’s laugh or visit with this message. My Nanna wanted this for me when she crossed the rainbow earlier this year, as the kookaburra came to visit a few times in the early days and weeks. No matter where you live in the world, a healing with me has potential for a kookaburra message!

Butterfly indicates change. Every stage of life holds significance in shaping who we are meant to become.

Butterflies begin their life as larvae, which hatch from eggs laid dutifully on a leafy plant. They then grow into caterpillars with the sole purpose of eating and growing quickly. The caterpillar enters a metamorphosis by making a chrysalis, a sacred chamber for transformation. Once the pupation is complete, a butterfly emerges, with wings to carry it abroad to mate, breed, and live out its final life cycle in full flight.

Butterflies navigate using a special sun-compass; they see polarised light, allowing them to see and move freely, even in overcast conditions. They use their antennae to sense wind speed and to smell food, flowers, and other butterflies.

Deeply symbolic of the human soul, butterflies are often recognised as messengers sent from those who have crossed over to the spirit world. The butterfly teaches us that everything we experience in life plays a crucial roll into shaping who we are truly meant to be. They remind us to embrace each part of our life as a period of important learning and growth and to see that sometimes we must walk before we can fly.

The butterfly in my picture I found at the front of my car after yoga on June 8th 2022. When I reminded myself of the message of ‘change’ it began a next cycle for me. I turned off social media for a bit and took time to take stock of my life, my business. We are always a work in progress. Since this butterfly message I have had many big shifts in myself and decided it was time to begin Reiki Master Teacher after years of thinking it wasn’t for me. 

Yes, the butterfly has also symbolised angel spirit and been a sign of those departed for me. Is a sign I am supported and on the right track. A reminder of my angels around me. I love seeing butterflies, how about you?

Spider is a dreamweaver here to remind us to create a life that supports you and allows you expressive freedom. The spider shows us that we are creators of our own destiny; that we have the power to influence our journey and manifest our dreams and desires through thorough planning, patience, and persistence.

The spider often takes down its web during the day, only to rebuild it again in the evening, demonstrating the importance of letting go of the old and starting afresh. The significance of the number eight (the spiders’ legs) represents the perfect balance between the material and the immaterial world. We can see this is evident in the spider’s intention when spinning her web; although it is a beautifully creative manifestation of her most stunning skills and abilities, it also serves a main purpose of capturing prey for her to consume.

Traits of the number eight are organisation, discipline and control – generally associated with success and prosperity. Through her beautiful creative gifts, the spider shows us she can serve herself what it is she desires (wealth, shelter, food, etc) and to unashamedly and continually rebuild her dream to suit her desires as often as she wishes. She guides us to rebuild the life we wish to live, and in turn, this will attract exactly what we need because we put our all into creating it with pride.

While the spider in my photo is a hunstman spider, who doesn’t make a web yet hunts her prey with patience and stealth speed. The story with this lady spider is I watched her tend her egg in our garage for months, then stick around as her babies hatched. Her babies have been seen about. Then, she chose to move into our home for a little while. We kicked her out when she came into my healing studio. Only to see Mumma spider back in the garage again! Think she is hibernating at the moment until Spring.

I once was fearful of such spiders, these days I have more of a respect as long as we don’t touch (like the time one was on my towel and I dried myself only to find it!) I see their webs by my house and am reminded of my power to create and design my life, to manifest my desires. I also see spiders as guardians of my dreams, like the dreamcatchers.


Kyle Gray has a number book available; Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray

Like the number eight of the spiders legs, we may also see repetitive numbers from time to time, like your 11:11, 4:44, 5:55, 1:11, 3:33. 12:12... it can sometimes be a game when you get on the number sign roll… Angel numbers, giving us messages.

A common one is 11:11, the one’s (1) is a “pay attention” number. Associated with new beginnings and ‘you’re on the right path’ vibe.

2:22, 12:12 Two’s (2) can be a reminder to find presence, fun and joy, let it go, don’t overthink it!. You may be about to be blessed with abundance in your life!

3:33 Three’s (3) bring in more balance, self correct, edit, do the thing you are procrastinating on. Take one step at a time, your Angels are with you.

4:44 Four’s (4) a spiritual hug from your Angels and Ancestors. Support. You’ve got the support. Can also mean Spiritual change is upon you or others, an awakening.

5:55 Five’s (5) Change is coming. Inspiration is knocking. Be it new love, inspiration, freedom and adventure.

6:66 Six (6) is a sign to take personal responsibility, what do you need to do differently? You may need extra protection or guidance at this time. A need for balance.

7:77 Seven (7) relax, daydream, trust in yourself, let go of control, trust and faith. Can also mean rewards for your efforts, blessings, the universe is supporting you.

8:88 Eight (8) infinity, going with flow. Lot’s of eights mean it is time to be bold and go for it!! Financial abundance and material wealth is being supported at this time.

9:99 Nine (9) you have completed a cycle and are about to enter a new chapter in your life, stepping into something new.

So go forth this July 2022 (and always) and take note of the signs you are presented with. They are another way to tap into your intuition and knowing and for your Angels to guide you, reassure you or warn you. It can also be a lot of fun to begin to really notice!