#42 Blessings and Thanks

Abundant Universe

Drawing this card shows that blessings are available to you now – and you are offered a full harvest.

The question is, Do you feel worthy to claim it?

Universal Harvest is available to all. And yet, so often in a world of suffering and sense of lack, it is easy to be fearful and there isn’t enough.

This is not what was intended – the earth has bounty for all to share freely. But that reality is blocked by fear, and we feel the need to hoard and save and worry over where the next meal is coming from; how to pay the next bill. Often we may have grown up seeing debt and poverty as a way of life.

What if you were told you will always have enough, but that you need to trust that this is so? What feelings does that bring up in you to heal? Maybe there is a story of lack within your own family – lack of money, lack of food, lack of security or safety. And you dread those states of being – and even when you DO have enough, you still worry it will be taken away.

This card now highlights the need to heal that part of you that fears now being support and looked after. Your spiritual army of helpers will not see you go hungry or alone if you truly ask for their help.

For the truth is that the earth is alive and able to evolve and sustain all who live upon her as long as Gaia is respected, and energy and intention are poured back into her soil and her elements – and this is something that all can do every day.

The simplest way to give back to earth is to GIVE THANKS, to be full of gratitude for all that you have. For the food on your plate, the money in your pocket, the sounds and rhythms of your beautiful world that wants to bestow many blessings on to you – if you are open to receive.

The Cornucopia, or horn of plenty, illustrated here symbolises all the abundance available to you, everything that you need for your well-being – fresh food, golden coins, light rays, and the sounds of the universe filling your soul with songs and joy.

The warmth of the colours also reminds you to be thankful for the heat of an open fire, a warm bed, a loving home.

The wish of the angels is to bring you all this and more. Saying thank you for what you already have is a courtesy that brings more to your door – a never ending supply of help, sustenance, and whatever you need to thrive in this life, and it is offered here for you now. Open up to receive

Channelled words by Amanda Ellis from @angeliccelestialcolours on Instagram

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Inspired Robyn’s Thoughts on Archangel Metatron’s September 2022 Guidance

WOW! The same card message as March! What is Archangel Metatron wanting to reaffirm with us?


I know if I look at my past month of August, I spent a lot of time on my healing journey with Munay-ki womb healing, heart healing, past life healing, emotional healing (how many times can I use the word healing?)

The message for August was of Inner Child Healing. Yep, I spent a lot of time working through this stuff, how about you?

Looking back at what I had to share when this card came up in March READ: March 2022 Archangel Metatron Message 

I wrote about the recent weather events, fear, battles with flooding, water leaks and mould spores. There was a lot of mention to the fear and lack that comes with disruption. Disruption being something that has cropped up SO much these past months (for me anyway)

January, February and March were my three best months in my Reiki Healing Business EVER! I consistently felt abundance in clients seeking my services and was loving the flow. Despite the weather disruptions and having my parents visiting for two weeks in March.

Post that time I will admit that my flow has been up and down. We’ve had illness in the home at different times, including COVID around Easter time and SO much self healing on my part. SO much re-looking at how I do life and business. Can you relate?

I’ve experienced upgrades in my skillset with Seichim Reiki, and Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training.

I’ve experienced grief in many forms, grief being a BIG teacher as it has brought up things I’ve needed to heal and also continues to highlight what I resist healing. Can you also relate?

What am I sensing from this September Message?

That it is time to let go of all this looking back at what happened last month, last week, last year. It is also time to let go of worrying about tomorrow, next week or next month!

Sure; plan. Make plans. Action plans.

Just remember to BE in today. To notice what is good and abundant in this day. Holding trust and faith that more of the good stuff is coming!

Why am I sensing this?

I’ve been STUCK. In the looking back. In the desiring forward. When what is truly abundant and magical in my world is right here wanting to be seen NOW.

Despite all the disruptions, grief and BIG stuff that can or even is happening in our lives and those of our loved ones, it is more important than ever to be present in what beauty we see in our world just now.

Mother and Child

To DO YOU. This has also been a whack over the back of my head with a big stick repeatedly for me too.

Being yourself, doing life your way, this is abundance! This brings abundance!! 

I know for me, my left ankle has been paining every time i’m veering out of my authentic lane, wasting time, procrastinating, avoiding, resisting change.

Me waffling on here in this blog post which, people may or may not read, is me being authentically ME. Letting the channelling from Higher Self and Spirit flow through as I type the keys.

I had a healing last week that, (not the first time either) wanted me to come back to how I intuitively work with energy healing, my way, my guides, my knowing. Same goes for everything else.

So let’s see what ABUNDANCE will flow for us this September!

If you’re finding it a challenge coming back to self, to BEing YOU, Energy Healing can help so do reach out as I needed to this August to come back to me so I could be here for YOU in September! TO BOOK GO TO >> Reiki Services