#12 Akashic Records

Evaluation and Review

All you have done, been, seen, or experienced is recorded in the hall of Akashic Records.

These sacred texts are guarded and safely locked away – only Metatron has keys to this complete library of your soul’s imprint through all eternity.

  • All the times you have wronged someone and all the times you loved.
  • All the words spoken in hatred and all the words of forgiveness.
  • Deeds, where you acted in your own interests and times you served the collective good.
  • Lifetimes when you struggled and lifetimes when you enjoyed life’s riches.
  • You have sacrificed your life for another, and you have taken life.
  • You have shone your light brightly, and you have had times where you extinguished light.
  • You have lived as male, female, black, and white, a short life and a long life, a life with disability and a life in complete health.
  • You have been good, bad, and everything in between.

Metatron knows the scorecard – knows what you still need to work on, as well as the unique gifts that only you have to shine in this lifetime and bring all that experience back.

No one is born without gifts or challenges to experience. You are asked now to look at any repetitive pattern, thought, or situation that keeps recurring in this life, and ask whether it has roots in other lives. The one relationship you struggle with, the addiction you just can’t kick, or the same mistake being made over and over again.

Metatron opens your book at the page you need to see right now. What is it that you need to work on, let go of, forgive, or heal?

Alternatively, you may be shown a great attribute or quality that only you have – reminded of wisdom buried within you wanting to be expressed and highlighted again in this incarnation.

Know that all is fair when looked at from an eternal perspective and entwined with the law of karma. The books pages also reveal that you can ask for dispensation from old karmic ties and struggles if you have truly worked through the lessons and gifts that were within it.

Ultimately, God or Source is the one that knows whether we have balanced our books, and if our presence within this great galaxy has been beneficial and well spent – or when more still needs to be integrated and shown.

It may also be that you are shown the Akashic Records here because someone or something irritates and angers or upsets you. You are reminded that what you judge may well have been what you have been or done in another lifetime. So try to be compassionate with others who may be younger souls, or simply may be completing the wheel of life and all its experiences, lessons, and blessings in a different order than you.

For now, meditate to connect to Metatron and see the huge symphony of your life set against many others – all you have been and all you will be.

Channelled words by Amanda Ellis from @angeliccelestialcolours on Instagram

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Inspired Robyn’s Thoughts on Archangel Metatron’s June 2022 Guidance

WOW! This Tuesday just gone (May 31st) I was describing to my Reiki Master Teacher, Nat @lightofwellness_reiki_school, how the past month of May (even all this year) I’ve been facilitating my own emotional releases and it has been THE SAME EMOTIONS, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

It’s a simple case of the same lessons, different day, maybe even different trigger, sometimes the same.

You may have noticed similar in your life?

“Same shit, different day”, is how I’d describe it. You may want to curse expletives in frustration of the feeling that you are working on your self, your triggers, your healing and been here before yet, why is it still happening?

THIS message re: Your Akashic Records holds a clue.

In fact, Nat said; “As a Reiki Master Robyn, this kind of thing happening would be your cue to go seek assistance from another healer.”

It is the nudge of the Universe and I guess, Archangel Metatron that has me FINALLY putting my hand up to go and attune to Reiki Master Teacher which will show me the way of past life regression healing on a deeper level. I begin this on June 20th.

I will also seek some deeper healing relating to the groundhog day triggers and patterns. Part of this will be the Rites of the Womb that I am doing on June 21st with Nat @vibrationalhealer11

I’m working through inner child with Art healing activities having just attended my first with  @zealous_sun_creations last Friday. This Sunday will be Painting My Wings with @katecrozier_intuitive

With my Reiki Healing sessions I work with trapped emotions and often they are linked to Ancestral or Past life. If you have experienced such a healing with me, you will have felt the shift in energy that happens once released.

If you need assistance with shifting any of your recurring triggers and patterns, be sure to find some help. You don’t need to remain in this cycle when the Akashic Records are with Metatron ready to be opened and resolved. I’m here for you too. Reach out. Send me a message or book in a session HERE>> @inspiredrobyn.com/services

If you do have something you’ve noticed that shows up for you repetitively, please feel welcome to leave a comment as conversation helps others not feel so alone with it and we can all send you oodles of compassion as none of us are alone here!

For me it tends to be around worthiness, helplessness and hopelessness. I’ve noticed recently how stuff keeps happening to test my resolve on taking care of myself. Things like mould, up keep of my home, even the flow of income being on an up and down mode. I have become rather negative and self berating when it comes to the compassion with self Archangel Metatron wants us all to find.

There is no shame in seeing what it is. As, bringing it to be seen is part of healing it for good.

Having experienced some past life healing on this in the past, I can sense there are many other timelines where I have experienced this pattern and have not been able to heal it on a soul level. I’ve struggled. I’ve died young (more than once).

I also know that there is connection to my Ancestral lineage. I can continue to cycle on my own with this or I can choose to ask for help. Asking for help was something I can see I battled to do in all the previous lifetimes and so, here today is my chance to dig deep and heal.

To let go of all the hooks, ties, cords and binds that seem to pull me back in. I can see clearly where Archangel Metatron is highlighting them in my life now after all. It’s up to me to do what I need to.

I thought I was done, however, many lifelines seems to show me many layers. It is time, I’m ready to let go of this struggle now that I see it.

As I write this on my back deck, there are two kookaburras bathing in our swimming pool. We all know the kookaburra message Kookaburra Reel on Instagram relating to, “Stop taking ourselves so seriously and look on the brighter side of life”. Pretty sure that my steps forward relate to how I approach my life, don’t you think?

Don’t forget I’m on Instagram every Friday with the weekend energy @inspiredrobyn