Yesterday was a real FUNK! I could add expletives although I won’t. Thing is, I sat in this down feeling ALL day!!

This happens with me sometimes, and I must admit as my menstrual cycle draws nearer I have noticed I’m more prone to this. Before my attuning to reiki and doing what I do, I was aware yet, much less aware of the patterns. I still fall into the trap sometimes, forgetting that I have the Reiki and my Angelic Team to call upon for help. I think for some of us, it happens and it takes time to create a routine and discipline, like everything worthwhile (it seems) to set the boundaries, and consistently keep on guard.

To paint the picture of what I mean, I’m going to use what happened yesterday as an example.

I was up late on Tuesday night, mulling over some things we have in the pipeline and information came to hand that ‘triggered’ me. By the time I went to bed after 11pm? I was tossing, turning, experiencing what I would label ‘anxiety’. My heart was pumping, was feeling that fight/flight kind of feeling in my chest, and my stomach was in knots. I eventually got to sleep. When I woke Wednesday morning I was not jumping out of bed with excitement. More like a feeling of dread, which is not ideal.

My fault.

I know better than to mess with sleep patterns and to be on electronics before bed. OH! I remember now, I was finishing my first blog for 2021 which you can read here >>A Nudge To Act On Long Held Ideas 🙂 … For one, it’s best to set your body into a rhythm. This is a test when we are in lockdown and the routine has shifted, I’ve also been feeling a little ‘not a morning person’ recently. It is winter, it’s cold in the morning even in Queensland!

Thing is, the previous night ‘trigger’ was still on my mind and I was out of control with all these different emotions like unsettled anger, worry, fear, guilt… THIS should have been a wake-up call! I felt like crying. I felt like binge watching Netflix and eating popcorn (we did a little of that for morning tea).

I kept asking, “what is this?” and all I could think is that it was a simple blame game on ‘world energy’, ‘lockdown grief’, ‘pandemic fear energy’. Maybe it was? Maybe this energy is bringing up my own ‘stuff’ deep in the vault? I continued to mope, cry, phone a friend, cry some more, distract myself with mindless activities THEN in the afternoon I came to a plan…

MEDITATION I went on You Tube and found a meditation. It made me feel better for a little bit. Then the feelings came back!

(we are in lockdown) PHONE CHAT TO A FRIEND I chatted to my friend. Talking about what was ‘triggering’ me with a friend who could relate to my behaviour and trigger. Chatting with her, helped me feel better for a little bit. Then the feelings came back again!

MADE AN INSTAGRAM VIDEO I made a video sharing how I was feeling and affirmed “this too shall pass” (in a manner) and that just because today doesn’t feel good, doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t. (thankfully, today feels good so that guidance was right!)

DID SOME GARDENING TO GROUND IN NATURE I wanted to feel like I accomplished something and so I ventured into my garden and tidied another section of overgrowth and ripped out some more Singapore Daisy vine. It is always good to do something that visually shows progress. The gardening didn’t take away the feelings, distracted them for a bit, so they were still there when I stopped thinking about the garden!

HUGGED MY DAUGHTER I checked in with how my daughter was feeling, gave her a hug. Shared with her that, “Mum’s in a funk, life just feels heavy and sad for me today, how are you feeling?”. THEN … Ah-Ha moment

GAVE MYSELF A REIKI HEALING I went to my healing studio/room and got out my pendulum, my books, my cards, my crystals and connected in as I do with all my clients. Protecting my energy. I proceeded to check in with my chakras which were all okay. Asked if there were any entities attached to me? No, none there. Was there an open portal or vortex? Yes and Yes! Did I need to know more? Did I need emotional release? YES!

The Vortex was to do with this life, age 13 and a long list of emotions that explained why I was feeling the way I was feeling and thinking for that matter. Soon as we (my Angelic Guidance Team) cleared these emotions from my 13 year old self and present me, the wave of relief I felt energetically was mood altering. I simply felt less heavy and burdened all of the sudden.

The Portal was to do with a past life of mine 13 lifetimes ago. I didn’t notice the effects of this clearing so much, just am curious about the number 13? The emotions of abandonment, betrayal, feeling lost, love unreceived and unsupported were also interesting, given how I had been feeling very despondent. Little wonder it this was coming up to be healed! Thank you Portal!

SOMETHING WAS STILL OFF WITH THE ENERGY? So I asked if the house needed clearing and yes, there were entities. They were just hanging around and happy to be sent away into the light, no stories. When you are walking around with open portals and vortexes and live with electronics its bound to happen. So my Angelic Team helped to clear and protect the house. (Thank you to my friend and fellow Healer Helen for teaching me how we can do this with greater ease)

LESSON Firstly, to not be hard on myself for taking ALL day to recognise what and why I was feeling so low (because this is not the first time for me!)  I will get better at knowing the signs for myself just as I do for clients.  When it’s your own ‘stuff’ sometimes we can get blinded until things get really in a negative way…  You probably notice things with others close to you before they do, right?

Energy speaks volumes, doesn’t it? My task is to check in more with a full Angelic Team process and keep the boundaries solid and full of the good light. As a light worker and empath there is great responsibility and especially in times like now, complacency is not the way to be. We do need to be more vigilant in these times to ensure we are protecting our home space, and our personal energetic space daily. Now I better understand why others preach about “Rituals” so passionately. There is a purpose to this!

Me. I tend to take a lackadaisical approach to how I live, meaning I tend to fall into lacking enthusiasm ,determination,  and being carelessly lazy. Well, kind of? It’s not that I don’t care, it’s simply a habit I fall into. Something I see reflected back to me by my tween-age daughter!! Having observed yesterday’s events, I can see why this deep, really ‘feeling’ the negative emotions ALL day was a necessary thing for me to experience, observe and now publicly document



Now, more than ever our souls need healing. Our world needs healing. Triggers have been firing at the majority of humanity left, right and centre. We can either wallow in them, hurt with them (God knows I have acted hurtful to myself and others close to me with my reactive-ness). We can heal this. My Angelic Team helped me clear what had presented to me yesterday, thanks to the triggers I was feeling, and the emotions that came up within me from my past. I called and connected with my Healing Angels, Creator of All That Is Pure and of The Light, and we together simply cleared it. This allowed me to feel relief and peace to get on with life much happier and more at ease and this flowed with apology and healing for those connected to me. Healing yourself, heals others, heals the collective.

You may be feeling triggered by the current energy. It could be showing up similar to how it was for me. Signs of depression, anxiety, fight or flight feelings, insomnia, fatigue, body aches and pains or even feeling ill. I know nausea and headaches have been a big one recent weeks and months. I not only know it because I have experienced it, my Angelic Guidance Team and I have seen it with clients too.

Much of the time the depths of despair, triggered emotions, physical ailments can seem very random, very much out of character, not at all like you are yourself. It feels yuck. It feels hopeless. It feels frustrating. It is not you. It is not your fault. It is just how things are in these times.


It may take one Reiki Session. It may take a few. (like it is for me) Reiki may become a regular self-care ritual for you. I also seek out other Reiki Healers to help me, because it is nice to relax while someone else works the magic and we all have a different vibe too! Just like every person is different, so are Reiki Healers!

We (my Angelic Healing Team and I) recommend starting with 90 minutes for your first go as typically, there’s much to work through when we first meet with you. However 60 minutes is good too (we understand comfort & budget).

If you are skeptical, new to Reiki or energy healing, new to Inspired Robyn | Healer; a complimentary 30 minutes via distance may be a way to dip you toe? No obligation. Just see if it helps.

Given many of us are in and out of lockdown or not in the same location, rest assured the distance healing is just as effective as in-person. I have clients who received their Reiki Healing while they were sleeping and were amazed by how well they slept, how they felt the next day and what my Angelic Team noticed during the session and reported back on.

You can find all services and packages here: Reiki Services

Heal yourself, Heal the World and in the process you will find life in general a little more pleasing to handle as you understand yourself more and navigate the feelings better.


Robyn and her Angelic Guidance Team