On December 11th 2007 the doctor gave me the results to an MRI I’d had a few weeks earlier (twice because the MRI machine broke the first appointment) His words were “You have Relapsing Remitting MS”. I was relieved it wasn’t a tumor on my spine causing the leg numbness.

I was 32 and newly married earlier that year. I had been experiencing various health ups and downs for years. Most notably Anxiety and Depression, fatigue, thought I may have had carpal tunnel two years earlier and had also been to a specialist for bowel issues.

Fast forward ten years+ and I’ve been on a journey! 

?MS drug therapy. This was daily injections of Copaxone + anti depressants.
?Change jobs because working in a gym is too confronting for the person whose physical world was predicted to change dramatically.
?Have a child, not have a child? Questions?
?Meditation courses, Chi Gong courses…
?Weight gain.
?Go overseas for 10 weeks because who knows the future?
?No more drug therapies!
?I have a baby.
?Re-Commence Copaxone injections.
?Decide to try a new treatment called CCSVI.
?Get sensations back, go to gym again, do a 12-week transformation and lose 14.5kg.
?Realize a less processed diet and exercise is good.
?More CCSVI.
?Re discover personal development and realize the power of mindset to heal and to help with anxiety and depression. Start a business with this.
?I quit Sugar from my diet. 
?I begin doing lots of yoga.
?Decide to go to Overcoming MS Retreat and read the book I’d been given in 2007 when first diagnosed.
?I notice big changes when giving up meat and dairy.
?We move to Sunshine Coast, QLD from Melbourne.
☀️Benefits of a sunnier, more stable climate.
?Surrounding self with like minded women in biz.
?I Meet another wellness bio hacker and we join forces.
?The benefits of Nrf2 Activation in combination with mindset, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, environment…

TODAY I am on my journey as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Reiki Healer helping women with Dis-ease Heal their Life!