It’s Day 3, Queensland Lockdown, August 2021

It’s been a long time between blogs for me. I video blog on social media from time-to-time, I make long posts on there too when I feel the urge too. I have been having dreams and thoughts more and more that there is a website here that I pay for and I’ve invested in MailChimp and don’t use it (Why?)

I just got done prepping last years business expenses and revenue to do my Tax. Within this data sheet I track where my new Reiki clients come from and when.  I noticed that my Google listing was the main place people are finding me. Got me thinking…

We all (if you have been following my social media  you will have seen) I’m often, (for years now) de-cluttering and needing to turn off my social media addiction – STOP THE SCROLL!!. >> see Instagram post <<

I find my self discipline to not scroll my feed troublesome, my feed full of comparison, and my ability to plan my posts a little lack-lustre. I prefer the intuitive style and going with the energy of it. I want to stay in my own lane. I want to be more focused on my senses and internal guidance system. Can you relate?

MOST of all, I want to be spending less time distracted and more time in my healing space, holding space for Reiki Clients in-person or via distance, because THIS is where my soul feels fulfilled.

I also figured, coming here and writing blogs relevant to what is helping and has helped me in my life, and about the things others want help with, will be like my book (I’m still yet to finish) AND a catalogue of online goodness for those who resonate with me, who I am, and what I am here to do. (I think reading other autobiographies based on having blogged is inspiring this?)




In case you ever wondered where “Inspired Robyn” originated from, it was guided to me along my personal development and healing journey five or so years ago. I was listening to Dr Wayne W Dyer and he was speaking on how to BE INSPIRED is to BE IN-SPIRIT. I had not even awakened in 2015/16 to the energy healing side of my being, Reiki was not yet on my radar. However, I was being guided there and looking back, I now see the signs from my life.

THIS is what I want to share here.

The un-aware side of my journey, to the awakening moments, and to the constantly evolving shifts as my personal healing from MS and other aspects of my life continues. Interlinked with the Healer aspects of what I do and how what I do helps others with such a magical grace.

I’ve constantly had a yearning to just come out and intuitively share with those who want to listen, to learn, to heal, to think, to wonder, to ‘ah-ha’ alongside me and I know that investing in my own body of work here is my way forward. The next best thing to writing a book.

So, do you want to come along for the journey?
Join in conversation and ‘ah-ha’ moments?
Let’s do this.

It will be going with the intuitive flow that is my energy and working with my Angelic Guidance Team and I know, there is SO much to come, I sense it and look forward to the continuing authentic discovery.

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Robyn and her Angelic Guidance Team